Veterans Health Administration

The VA Health Administration (VHA) is the department within the VA Administration that focuses primarily in assisting you through the process of filing your claims and enrollment in the VHA system and benefits. Millions of veterans and their families are currently enrolled in the VHA system. The VHA strives to provide an integrated healthcare system for all veterans, both men and women, at a reasonable cost. The VA offers veterans standard benefits such as:

Medications prescribed by non-VA physicians will be covered only for special veterans who are receiving Aid and Assistance/Housebound benefits from the VA. Those who are given special approval by the VA are also eligible for medication coverage for non-VA physician prescriptions. Understanding and enrolling in the VHA system can be confusing, so contact us and let us assist you through the process.

VA Mesothelioma Benefits

As a veteran, you are permitted to apply for VA benefits for your asbestos-related illness. However, diseases such as mesothelioma may not be widely recognized and accepted by the VA as a "service-connected" medical condition, therefore making your claim process more difficult. Filing for an asbestos-related illness with the VA may require additional steps. The additional steps required for asbestos-related claims may request that you provide sufficient evidence that you were exposed to asbestos fibers during your military service. It is vital that you provide the VA with very detailed answers in regards to your asbestos-related claim.

In order to qualify for VA benefits, you must have been honorably discharged from your active military service. If you gave the military full-time service and were discharged honorably, then you qualify for VA benefits. To qualify for VA benefits for mesothelioma, your physician or pathology laboratory must be able to provide in writing that your illness was a direct result of asbestos exposure.

If you are a surviving spouse or dependent child of a deceased veteran, you also qualify for the VA's Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC). If your loved one died from a service-connected illness (asbestos exposure working on naval vessel), then you can receive a basic monthly payment plus an additional payment for dependent children.

We can assist you in seeking the financial compensation and benefits from the VA system, making your claim process a lot less difficult. Contact us today or complete the form to receive an informational packet.

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